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Steppenwolf, my first concert…


My musical obsession started pretty young. Since I was the youngest in my family, a sister 5 years older and a brother 7 years older, I was exposed to a lot of different music early on. My brother played guitar and always had a band of some kind put together to play in his room or the garage, he loved ROCK. My sister had her own music, and although she also love rock music, her interests were more diverse and included a lot of genres including Reggae. My Mom also played music around the house and so you couldn’t help but hear it and respond to it too. From Elvis and Chubby Checkers…to waking up on the weekends to Kris Kristofferson blaring in my ears. Then there was me, I of course developed my own style of music, which mostly included anything you could dance to, along with all of the music my family loved.

So how did I end up at a Steppenwolf concert at 10 years old you might ask? Well now-a-days, people bring their kids to concerts all the time, but back then, not so much. This was a bribe that my older sister had to pay off. I found something in her purse (I won’t say what but I’m sure you can figure it out – you are pretty smart), and used it to make her take me to this concert with her.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that I got to see Steppenwolf and go on that “Magic Carpet Ride.” That is one of the best memories I have of my sister…she died 7 years ago from cancer, so she is enjoying that “Magic Carpet Ride” full-time now! My brother, who influenced my musical taste and life a lot also died of cancer 2 years ago, so I’m sure that he has met up with John Lennon (his idol) and they have started a new band. Now I guess that I better mention my Dad too. He had the uncanny ability to sit and watch Name that Tune, an old tv show where you competed with another contestant to name a tune in so many notes. My Dad could beat everyone who ever appeared on that show. He was like an encyclopedia of knowledge about music. It always amazed me to sit and watch him casually name each song before anyone else could, “I can name that tune in 4 notes”. Of course, now comes the part where I say, my Dad has been gone for 28 years…he died of cancer too.

Now, I can’t leave out my beautiful cousin Jill, a couple of years ago she turned me on to Michael Franti. Now of course I had heard some of his popular songs and liked them, but her passion for him and his music touch me and I too became a Franti Fanatic. My husband and I took our oldest grandson to his concert last year at this time…it was incredible. We also had the experience of meeting him the night before at a local record store where he performed an acoustic concert for free and signed autographs, I talked to him about my cousin, and he knew her by name. She was undergoing treatment for cancer at that time and he asked me to send her something from him, he signed and personalized a poster, which she cherished. He also came out into the crowd the next day before the concert, since this was a “Family Matinee” and he loves kids…he like to come out and meet the fans. He had said “he would see me at the concert” when we talked to him the night before, he searched us out in the crowd and we got to take lots of pictures with him! He is one of the kindest and most loving REAL performers I have ever met. Again, I hate to say that we lost our loving Jill last month. Jill also got me into YOGA, which I love and everyday at yoga time, Jill and I are together in my mind, heart and soul. Thanks Jill for all the LOVE you gave to so many!

So music is part of my family now because all of my family loved music. I can hear a song, and think to myself…Dad loved this song, Ricky could play this song, Eva would be jammin’ to this song, Jill turned me on to this song. My Mom is still alive but has advanced Alzheimers…but she still loves music! Now I want to also mention my husband of 25 years…he is INCREDIBLE and treats me like a princess. He has turned me onto so much music in our years together. We go to lots of concert and get our ROCK on…I can’t hear KISS without thinking of him, and so many more bands that he & I love. We fell in love at first sight and have been “Happy Together” (one of my favorite songs when I was young) since the day we met.

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Today in ROCK history: 1968 – Both “Magic Carpet Ride” and the album that it’s from, “Steppenwolf The Second,” sit at #3 on the respective singles and album charts.


Remember your first Crush


When I was a young girl, one of my first crushes was Donovan. I loved his music and he was a real cutie-pie. I can remember the feeling of happiness whenever one of his songs came on the radio. I would stare at his picture and dream that I was his girlfriend. But crushes are fickle and it wasn’t long before my sights turned to Cat Stevens…still have that crush! There were many crushes on many of my favorite musicians over the years. I never really developed crushes on any t.v. stars growing up, although I watched a lot of t.v. I always loved music and still do to this day. One of my current crushes is Jerad Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars…Now some people might say I’m too old to still have a crush on stars, but I say you’re never too old! Crush away…have a ROCKIN’ day, Mama

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Today in ROCK history: 1966 – Donovan hits #1 with “Sunshine Superman”

John Lennon


You know what they say about opinions, well, I’ve always strongly believed that John was The Beatles.  That said, I also thought that he had amazing fashion sense. He had a look that was instantly recognizable, just like his music…very unique. I never got to see The Beatles live, but have seen Paul, George and Ringo in concert. “Imagine”, that “Jealous Guy”, “Starting over” with “Instant Karma”, John will always be my “Working Class Hero”! Let’s just hope “We All Shine On”…just like him.

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Today in ROCK history: 1974John Lennon joins Elton John at the latter’s Madison Square Garden concert. The pair perform “Whatever Gets You Through The Night,” “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” and “I Saw Her Standing There.” The show is Lennon’s last concert appearance.

1967 – A GREAT year for cars & music


I know a lot of people are into muscle cars…I am! We have a 1967 mustang coupe that is in its original condition. Yes, that is a picture of it on the top of my page. It is extremely rare and is a special edition”Ski Country Special” that was only manufactured and sold in the Denver, CO area in 1967. It came with snow tires, a ski rack, luggage rack, limited slip differential, a special medallion mounted on the trunk area and a ski flag all of which we still have. We have the original hand-written cost breakdown, all of the original purchase paperwork and all the paperwork for any work done to the car, the original letter issued to all Ford dealerships that were selling these special promo vehicles regarding the special paint options that were available only for these cars, the original print ad for newspapers and magazines out of a Time magazine and the original license plates issued in 1967. This car is truly special as we do live in the Denver area and the official MartiReport shows that of all 472,209 mustangs built in ’67: 356,326 were hardtops, 206,452 had the 289 engine, 161,407 had automatic transmission, 2,857 had Special paint, 117 had upgraded black decor bucket seats, and only 1 was a “Ski Country Special”…and you guessed it, it is ours! Now we are not the original owners, the original owner (or his family) had it for until the early 90’s, then there was one other owner before us. This car is like a time machine, when you drive down the road, this car turns heads. Now my Mom had a mustang in 1968 and as a little girl, I wanted that car soooo bad. My brother got to learn how to drive in that car and then my sister got her turn…tragicaly my dream car was sold before I got my turn. So, as an adult I have always wanted one, never did I believe that I would have such an awesome Mustang. We baby it like it is one of our kids…and our kids would love to have it…so would our grandkids! Now to the music of the late 60’s, some of the best music ever written was from this era. With 2 older siblings, I formed a lot of my music interests based on what they were listening to and playing. Older music, like my vintage mustang, will never go out of style. When you hear a song from that time, it too is like a time machine, bringing us back to a different era when music was a part of what was going on in our society. So listen to some older music no matter your age, and when you see a vintage car, appreciate it, let it bring back memories of a time that was great. Groovy Baby!

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Today in ROCK history: 1967 – Groovy man. One of the few times anything even remotely psychedelic ever tops the pop chart, the Strawberry Alarm Clock (some name) have the #1 song in the U.S. with “Incense And Peppermint.”

Does LOVE have a name?


If Love has a name, what is it? There are different types of love, but do we name them, and if we do is it to categorize love into nice files that fill our heart? Do we have different levels of love, and divvy it out until we are completely out of love, or do we possess infinite amounts of love that refresh throughout our lives… I do know for sure that my love for my cousin Jill, who recently lost her battle with cancer, was and still is an abundance of goodness. Jill always loved Bon Jovi, who have a hit song “You give Love a Bad Name“, whether this was one of Jill’s favorite songs or not, I do know that she gave Love; named or nameless, neatly categorized or wild and free, to the fullest level to so many people in her lifetime. Jill, you give Love a beautiful name, you are love…and I love you! In this short lifetime that we have, make sure that you love unconditionally…and allow yourself to be love in the same way. Jill taught me a lot of things, I miss her but still have her love and strength to hold onto. Shine on Jill, forever.

Today in ROCK history: 1986 – You Give Love a Bad Name (Bon Jovi) was a hit.

Nightmare or Reality


Many forms of art: music, films, books use dark references as the backdrop to their theme. In some cases this is a literal translation for what they are telling us, yet in some cases this is an allusion to a greater meaning. In life we have choices to make, things are more black & white…but there is always that grey area, and this is where we need to make some tough decisions. For example; you have a loved one on life support, they had standing orders for DNR or artificially extend life.  It is a tough decision..but one that you must face. Times like these can be a Nightmare and Reality at the same time. There are many rough patches that we all must journey through on this ride called life, but there are also many highs…but most of our life is lived on smooth road. So on this journey, make sure that you make the most out of the highs, endure the hard times with love and dignity, and embrace the times in between…that is where most of the living resides. So listen to great music everyday, read as many good books as you can get your hands on, and enjoy that new film that you are excited to see, and in between live your life like you are your own best friend, treat those you love like they are the world to you, and smile and say “Hi” to a stranger, you never know…it just might be the highlight of their day!

Today in ROCK history: 1975 – Alice Cooper hits #35 “Welcome to My Nightmare”.

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Under Pressure


Everybody deals with life’s ups and downs in their own unique way. Keep in mind that music soothes the savage beast… When things are not going just right – or when everything is completely falling apart, turn on some good tunes and feel the rhythm, let it soothe your soul and calm your mind. No matter what type of music you like, no matter what the world throws your way, do yourself a favor and find a way to get out from being UNDER PRESSURE. There is nothing like great music, or your favorite book, or doing some yoga, or taking a walk on a beautiful day – or whatever turns your crank, to change your mood. We choose our path, and our path can be beautiful, what path will you choose today?

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Today in ROCK history: 1981 – The David Bowie/Queen song “Under Pressure” tops the UK charts laying the groundwork for Vanilla Ice’s one shot at fame.