Does LOVE have a name?


If Love has a name, what is it? There are different types of love, but do we name them, and if we do is it to categorize love into nice files that fill our heart? Do we have different levels of love, and divvy it out until we are completely out of love, or do we possess infinite amounts of love that refresh throughout our lives… I do know for sure that my love for my cousin Jill, who recently lost her battle with cancer, was and still is an abundance of goodness. Jill always loved Bon Jovi, who have a hit song “You give Love a Bad Name“, whether this was one of Jill’s favorite songs or not, I do know that she gave Love; named or nameless, neatly categorized or wild and free, to the fullest level to so many people in her lifetime. Jill, you give Love a beautiful name, you are love…and I love you! In this short lifetime that we have, make sure that you love unconditionally…and allow yourself to be love in the same way. Jill taught me a lot of things, I miss her but still have her love and strength to hold onto. Shine on Jill, forever.

Today in ROCK history: 1986 – You Give Love a Bad Name (Bon Jovi) was a hit.


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