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1967 – A GREAT year for cars & music


I know a lot of people are into muscle cars…I am! We have a 1967 mustang coupe that is in its original condition. Yes, that is a picture of it on the top of my page. It is extremely rare and is a special edition”Ski Country Special” that was only manufactured and sold in the Denver, CO area in 1967. It came with snow tires, a ski rack, luggage rack, limited slip differential, a special medallion mounted on the trunk area and a ski flag all of which we still have. We have the original hand-written cost breakdown, all of the original purchase paperwork and all the paperwork for any work done to the car, the original letter issued to all Ford dealerships that were selling these special promo vehicles regarding the special paint options that were available only for these cars, the original print ad for newspapers and magazines out of a Time magazine and the original license plates issued in 1967. This car is truly special as we do live in the Denver area and the official MartiReport shows that of all 472,209 mustangs built in ’67: 356,326 were hardtops, 206,452 had the 289 engine, 161,407 had automatic transmission, 2,857 had Special paint, 117 had upgraded black decor bucket seats, and only 1 was a “Ski Country Special”…and you guessed it, it is ours! Now we are not the original owners, the original owner (or his family) had it for until the early 90’s, then there was one other owner before us. This car is like a time machine, when you drive down the road, this car turns heads. Now my Mom had a mustang in 1968 and as a little girl, I wanted that car soooo bad. My brother got to learn how to drive in that car and then my sister got her turn…tragicaly my dream car was sold before I got my turn. So, as an adult I have always wanted one, never did I believe that I would have such an awesome Mustang. We baby it like it is one of our kids…and our kids would love to have it…so would our grandkids! Now to the music of the late 60’s, some of the best music ever written was from this era. With 2 older siblings, I formed a lot of my music interests based on what they were listening to and playing. Older music, like my vintage mustang, will never go out of style. When you hear a song from that time, it too is like a time machine, bringing us back to a different era when music was a part of what was going on in our society. So listen to some older music no matter your age, and when you see a vintage car, appreciate it, let it bring back memories of a time that was great. Groovy Baby!

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Today in ROCK history: 1967 – Groovy man. One of the few times anything even remotely psychedelic ever tops the pop chart, the Strawberry Alarm Clock (some name) have the #1 song in the U.S. with “Incense And Peppermint.”