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Pain, Pain, Pain… and Jethro Tull


So, I am on my seventh straight day of a MIGRAINE, no medication is working, I am beyond my tolerance level for pain…I don’t know what else to do.  I have been a migraine victim since I was about ten years old.  Over the years I have tried every type of treatment out there.  Some things help sporaticaly, nothing seems to work effectively long term.

I usually get 3-5 headaches a week, it is almost impossible to function in a normal way when you are constantly in pain.  If anyone has any suggestions for relief, please let me know what has worked for you.  I am so sick of feeling like this!  Sorry for the venting! Have a ROCKIN’ day, Mama 

Today in ROCK history: 1975 – Jethro Tull hits #11 in the US with “Bungle In The Jungle.”


What Stills the Savage Beast?


Here is a beast of a wind that huffed and puffed and blew down part of our beautiful tree!

We all have a Beast that we deal with, or we don’t, is it just me?  Music has always been my connection to family, friends, experiences and self.  Growing up with CSN&Y music was an incredible experience.  The music made you feel, think and love.  The harmonies were impressive and you always tried to fit into the music like a hand in a glove. 

My nephew, it is said, was named after either Graham Nash or Graham crackers!  It was a running joke that infuriated my Mom.

So as music goes, I am at a loss to pick my favorites from my younger days.  It seems as if all of the music we grew up with was exceptional.  When I’m sad, upset or just plain nostalgic, I turn to the music of years gone by to feel better.  So does the saying “Music Soothes the savage Beast” hold true?  for me at least, it does.

I now listen to a lot of meditation music, and it does wonders for me as well.  Calming the chaos and easing the mind.  I have found that music in any form (well almost any) is always enjoyable. 

Now I have also found that writing has a similar effect.  Not only do I have my blog, but I also write poetry, and am currently working on a story as well.  Writing seems to connect to the place in my brain that has often gone haywire.  I hope everyone has a release for their own personal BEAST.

Here is a poem I recently wrote:


By: RC

 Standing ever steady

through calm and storm.

Always guiding as

you slowly pass me by.


success and failure

with pride

without blame.

Understanding and wisdom

are yours

for the taking.

In the end,

you turn, look back

and see yourself.

My work is done.

The light has grown.

Have a ROCKIN’ day, Mama

Today in ROCK history: 1945 – Stephen Stills was born.

What are the Sounds of Silence?


After a wonderful and busy Christmas time, I’m not ashamed to say that I am enjoying some quiet time.   Nowhere that I have to go, no presents to wrap, no food to prepare since we have lots of leftovers, just some stillness in our home.   Time to read and write.

Is there really a time when we have silence?  As I sit writing, I hear the clicking of our dogs toenails against the wood floors, then the sound of him lapping up his water (it sounds as if he is inhaling a whole lake.)  The ticking of the clock as it marches forward through time, and the fire crackling and popping in the wood stove. 

Are these the sounds of silence, or is the continuous chatter within our heads the sounds that cannot be escaped from.  Images, thoughts, songs, memories, worries, plans, regrets, dreams, and hopes dashing through ones brain, like the processor of a computer, storing, filing, deleting items.

If, like me , you are someone who meditates, you know that it can be difficult to learn how to stop the frantic process that is our mind in order to find some deeper peace for yourself.  It takes practice and determination…but oh the rewards are so sweet!  Real peace and quiet, relaxation and enjoyment are right there and the benefits are remarkable.  Give it a try, you’ll love the experience.

So when you are enjoying some quiet time, really listen to you heart and soul, it has a lot to say.

Today in ROCK history: 1965 – The Sounds of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel) was a hit.

John Lennon


You know what they say about opinions, well, I’ve always strongly believed that John was The Beatles.  That said, I also thought that he had amazing fashion sense. He had a look that was instantly recognizable, just like his music…very unique. I never got to see The Beatles live, but have seen Paul, George and Ringo in concert. “Imagine”, that “Jealous Guy”, “Starting over” with “Instant Karma”, John will always be my “Working Class Hero”! Let’s just hope “We All Shine On”…just like him.

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Today in ROCK history: 1974John Lennon joins Elton John at the latter’s Madison Square Garden concert. The pair perform “Whatever Gets You Through The Night,” “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” and “I Saw Her Standing There.” The show is Lennon’s last concert appearance.

Seasonal Stress


With the holidays fast approaching, we all need to take some time to slow down and relax. Don’t rush through the holidays being stressed and not enjoying the time. Remember to take some time for yourself during this busy season. Deep breathing is a great way to de-stress and feel better. 10 slow deep breaths through your nose will make a huge difference. Be in the moment and enjoy all the food, family and fun. As we get older we realize how fast time flies, so just go with the flow,  enjoy things in moderation, and treasure this time with family and friends. Use mind over matter when you are in a TRAFFIC jam, or at a long line for check out. Think good things, feel good things, say good things…good things will happen. Be the change that you wish would happen, it will pay off!

Today in ROCK history: 1971 – Traffic hits #26 in the US with ‘Welcome to the Canteen’.



Just like many bands cover other artist’s music, I feel that what I do with men’s t-shirts is a similar process. If you listen to both versions of Summer Breeze…you will see that they are distinctly different and even make the song take on different meanings. I do the same thing with BOXY t-shirts. I take an item that, although fine in its current shape – has a certain purpose, to be worn by men. I redefine that shirt and with creativity and love create an incredible new version of that same old t-shirt. We all know that women have curves…a man’s t-shirt might be comfy to wear when you have some down-time and just want to chill, but when you go out you want to look your best. It’s like trying to put a round block in a square hole, it just doesn’t fit. So the next time you wear your favorite t-shirt, remember, my custom DIY fashions are made specifically for us ladies. Look great, feel great in a Rockin’ Mama unique design. Have a ROCKIN’ day, Mama

Today in ROCK history: 1973 – Seals & Crofts hits #21 with “We May Never Pass This Way Again.”  Make sure you check out the Type O Negative cover of S&C’s Summer Breeze…


RUSH & KISS, what a combo


Believe it or not, Rush and KISS played at my High School (in the gym) in 1975. The tickets cost $4.50, and that was for 3 bands! When I was growing up, music, no let me restate that, LIVE music was King. I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my lifetime. The first concert being Steppenwolf when I was 10, and the most recent being KISS – this year. It just so happens I married a KISS fan and the first concert he ever saw was KISS. I will always and forever love music. If you are like me, you will want to check out my custom handmade DIY ROCK halters…it’s a great way to remember your favorite band or concert experience. Have a ROCKIN’ day, Mama

Today in ROCK history: 1977 – What a rush. Prog Rock’s Rush is awarded three gold records. The Canadian group scores with “2112,” “All The World’s A Stage” and “A Farewell To Kings.”