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You’re No Good…


In this life, the road we travel should be Beautiful!

In this time of recession, depression, and lack of funding, are we telling our children that they are no good?  Never-ending budget cuts in education would seem to say so.  In times when things are so hard for so many people, budget cuts to education only make matters worse.   Putting more financial responsibility on the families who can not afford it doesn’t make sense.  I’m not speaking for everyone but I could do without flowers and plants in our parks and roadways, this country would still be beautiful.  Perhaps we could stop doing ridiculous studies that do not help the general population, I don’t need a study to know that traffic jams are actually caused by traffic or that wearing clothes will keep you warm.  Stop wasting time and money fighting against marijuana, just increase the tax revenues by legalizing it!  Regardless of controversy, save time and money, just legalize same-sex marriage, those who oppose it can still sit in judgement.

Education is the future of this and every other country.  Why would anyone want to remain a teacher with this kind of attack on their profession, oh yea, I know why – because there aren’t any other jobs available!  The best education and the availability of the arts in school are children’s basic human rights.  If we paid teachers as if they were baby-sitters, they would make more money than they do teaching.  Why would any teacher or prospective future candidates want to stay/go into this profession…why not study that!

In the words of today’s song, we are basically telling the future of our country “You’re No Good” and that is just plain wrong!  Our future depends on them…

The rant is over, have a ROCKIN’ day, Mama

Today in ROCK history: 1975 – Linda Ronstadt’s “You’re No Good” is #1.


Childhoods revisited


There are many milestones that mark a person’s life, some are happy and some are not.  To realize that we are an amalgam of all of life’s experiences is to embrace that life is not a bowl of cherries.  Life, it turns out is often at its most important when we are letting go.  Sure the good times are special and help in determining who we are…but the difficult time are there to prove who we have become. 

Now I know that everyone handles the good and the bad in different ways.  We are all individuals who help to shape the world around us and make it more interesting.  If we were all to live within our “Strawberry Fields Forever,” we would never get the chance to make the mistakes, the lessons in life that we learn from.  Perhaps we would not be able to love to the fullest because we had not experienced loss.  Would we be able to enjoy the highs if we had not lived through the lows?

Grab hold of all the moments that you have, experience them to the fullest, grow and give of yourself to those you love.  We have such a short time together, experience with an open heart and remember that we are all just human, no one is perfect.  Make sure that you take a firm hold of your life, be in charge of your feelings, and always put yourself in someone elses shoes before you decide how to feel about them.

So living in “Strawberry Fields” might be nice and nostalgic, it does not represent what our experience is supposed to be.  Like the saying goes “It’s a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.”  Live in the moment, let life sweep you away on this journey of highs, middles, and lows.  Ride that big mother of a wave like it is the best one of the set and don’t look back to see what is coming…just go for it!

Have  a ROCKIN’ day, Mama

Today in ROCK history: 1967 – The Beatles release “Strawberry Fields Forever.”

Childhood Memories


We all have memories from childhood, some good and some bad, nothing triggers more memories for me than hearing a song that is embedded deep in the brain, and then you have a reminder.  That is one of the reasons that I love doing the rock history every day, for example today’s song.  I have not heard or thought about this song since I was a kid, it was popular and was often played at the roller skating rink, and I skated a lot.  Skating was definitely a Friday night social event for my girlfriend and I, a great place to meet boys…I feel sorry for pre-teen girls today, what fo they do to express themselves and have fun.  Roller skating will always be one of my great memories from childhood.

There were so many standard songs that they always played and you could sing them and know every beat of the music and dance and skate at the same time.  Now that was fun, showing off your skills and just being a kid with no worries for those 2 hour Friday night sessions, or the all day Saturday skating.

Just last night while searching through Netflix, I discovered all the episodes of Dark Shadows, a t.v. show I loved when I was young.  I watched the first two episodes last night and had to laugh at how hokey the show was, but the music and the setting were so familiar and I will probably watch it all over time just for the hell of it. 

I hope that you have happy memories to visit and that you take the time to reminisce and be a child again.  I’m sure most of us have things that aren’t so pleasant from our childhood, but if we focus on the parts of the past that made us happy, and deal with the parts of the past that were difficult, we often find that the past has lots of treasures to dig up, and some things that should just remain buried!

Have a ROCKIN’ day, Mama

Today in ROCK history: 1071 – Brand New Key (Melanie) was a hit.  http://youtu.be/ZIFknAdVvNM