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…but I’m holding on…


Even until just recently, lets say less than a month ago, I would have never thought that I would ever have – let alone be making a quilt.  I just finished the blocking, and am quite pleased with the results so far.  This is no ordinary quilt, it is a Rock-n-Roll quilt made out of old concert t-shirts.  I have to say that learning how to do this has been quite easy. 

Once I get the top sewn together, that is when the hard part comes into play.  I am using an old flannel sheet for the back and have batting for the center.  For those about to ask…NO I will not be hand sewing the quilt together.  I’m not sure how ladies did this in years past, I know a lot of the time it was a social thing.  This is only a full size quilt at 59×77 inches.  That would be a lot of time to hand sew and I’m not that patient!

I only work on this a little at a time, can’t sit for too long sewing.  When I decided to do this project, I gave myself until Spring to get it done. I realize now that it won’t take nearly that long.  This is what is called a Memory Quilt.  It can be made with any t-shirts: sports shirts, music shirts, vacation shirts, your kids favorite shirts growing up…

This particular quilt is made with old school rock theme: Queen, The Stones, Styx, Van Halen, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Black Sabbath.  I think my next one will be all Beatles! 

Besides teaching myself to quilt, I am also teaching myself to sketch.  Here is a picture I did yesterday…

My main objective is to learn to draw well enough that I can do some murals in my meditation room, and just for enjoyment!  So far I like Frankenstein’s Monster the best…I think I will try drawing him again soon.

Hope you have a ROCKIN’ day, Mama

Today in ROCK history: 1981 – “The Tide Is High” (Blondie) is the #1 song in the U.S.


Rock-N-Roll Quilt…Animal Farm – Pink Floyd


On Friday I finally got in to see a Neurologist for  my migraines.  I am trying a treatment that was just approved by the FDA in the fall…so that means that if you qualify, more than 15 severe headaches per month, you can get Botox injections in nerve spots all over your head, neck and back. 

Since I have headaches nearly everyday, I am hoping that this treatment will help.   I was told that it could take up to a week before you will start to feel the advantages of the treatment.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

I recently started making all of my own products, such as: soap, lotion, lip balm, deodorant, laundry soap, shampoo and conditioner.  So far so good, I love knowing that there are not any chemicals in my items.  I love everything that I have made so far so I will continue to experiment with this new hobby.

I also decided to try to make a quilt. I have never made one before but so far it is going well.  Of course this will be a Rock -N-Roll quilt made from t-shirts.  I’ve got all my blocks cut and interface material put on the backs to give the blocks more stability, since t-shirts are rather flimsy.

I wanted to make my blocks 15 1/2 inches square.  To by a guide that size costs around $40, I went to Michael’s and bought a piece of foam board, had them cut it to size and it only cost $1.50 and I have enough left over to make another guide that will be 12 1/2 inches for future quilts!  The guide that size cost $22, I love to save money!

I will post pictures as I complete steps on the quilt, above is the layout we decided on.  Have a ROCKIN’ day, Mama

Today in ROCK history: 1977 – Pink Floyd releases ‘Animals,’ a bleak concept album that appears to have drawn on author George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ for inspiration.

The Rolling Stones do They Gather Moss?


Well, they are still around and making music, but should they be? I pose this question to you, is there a time when a band who has been around forever should retire…not just the Stones, but any band. As long as they are still producing quality music, why not keep making it. Is there a point when their fans start to think this is just plain greed or even start to disregard them for more current music.  I mean come on, they are as old as dirt.

Well, for most bands, there would not be the opportunity to still be in a position to continue their music. Most bands burn out long before this point. Do we as the music consuming public prefer youth and beauty over sustenance and quality…At my age, are we still considered music consumers. I can’t remember how long it has been since I have spent money on music (other than concerts), I do have a vehicle that still has an 8 track player, and another one that has a cassette player if that tells you anything. I listen to most of my music in the car or on Pandora, where I can customize my own preferences and listen to what I want at any particular time.

The music industry has changes immensely and I often wonder what it will be like in 20 years. I know that I will still be listening to music that I LOVE, and that does include a lot of new artists…however, the older music from when I was growing up will always be in my heart. I will continue to explore and enjoy new music, but will I ever buy any music in the future…don’t see it happening!

In this disposable society where immediate gratification is the mind-set, I will continue to slow it down, take time to enjoy and feel the music, associate great times and memories with the music I love, and wish for everyone else to do the same. So if great musicians from the 60’s & 70’s are still around, I say “Right On.”  Let’s all make some more of life’s great memories to think back on in the years to come. Have a ROCKIN’ day, Mama

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Today in ROCK history: 1964 – The Rolling Stones cover of Willie Dixon’s “Little Red Rooster” tops the U.K. chart. Meanwhile, across the pond, “Time Is On My Side” becomes the first Stones single to crack the U.S. Top 10. It peaks at #6.

Remember your first Crush


When I was a young girl, one of my first crushes was Donovan. I loved his music and he was a real cutie-pie. I can remember the feeling of happiness whenever one of his songs came on the radio. I would stare at his picture and dream that I was his girlfriend. But crushes are fickle and it wasn’t long before my sights turned to Cat Stevens…still have that crush! There were many crushes on many of my favorite musicians over the years. I never really developed crushes on any t.v. stars growing up, although I watched a lot of t.v. I always loved music and still do to this day. One of my current crushes is Jerad Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars…Now some people might say I’m too old to still have a crush on stars, but I say you’re never too old! Crush away…have a ROCKIN’ day, Mama

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Today in ROCK history: 1966 – Donovan hits #1 with “Sunshine Superman”

John Lennon


You know what they say about opinions, well, I’ve always strongly believed that John was The Beatles.  That said, I also thought that he had amazing fashion sense. He had a look that was instantly recognizable, just like his music…very unique. I never got to see The Beatles live, but have seen Paul, George and Ringo in concert. “Imagine”, that “Jealous Guy”, “Starting over” with “Instant Karma”, John will always be my “Working Class Hero”! Let’s just hope “We All Shine On”…just like him.

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Today in ROCK history: 1974John Lennon joins Elton John at the latter’s Madison Square Garden concert. The pair perform “Whatever Gets You Through The Night,” “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” and “I Saw Her Standing There.” The show is Lennon’s last concert appearance.



Just like many bands cover other artist’s music, I feel that what I do with men’s t-shirts is a similar process. If you listen to both versions of Summer Breeze…you will see that they are distinctly different and even make the song take on different meanings. I do the same thing with BOXY t-shirts. I take an item that, although fine in its current shape – has a certain purpose, to be worn by men. I redefine that shirt and with creativity and love create an incredible new version of that same old t-shirt. We all know that women have curves…a man’s t-shirt might be comfy to wear when you have some down-time and just want to chill, but when you go out you want to look your best. It’s like trying to put a round block in a square hole, it just doesn’t fit. So the next time you wear your favorite t-shirt, remember, my custom DIY fashions are made specifically for us ladies. Look great, feel great in a Rockin’ Mama unique design. Have a ROCKIN’ day, Mama

Today in ROCK history: 1973 – Seals & Crofts hits #21 with “We May Never Pass This Way Again.”  Make sure you check out the Type O Negative cover of S&C’s Summer Breeze…


Retro Fashion


Fashion is always changing, but good fashion is always in demand. Halter tops have been popular since I can remember. They look great, are comfortable and they are sexy.  Make sure you take some time to go through your wardrobe and get rid of the things you don’t wear anymore. REMEMBER, this is a great time of year to donate your gently used clothes to people who need them. There is one thing you will not want to part with, and that is your DIY tops from Rockin’ Mama. These tops will last and you will be able to wear and enjoy them for years to come!  So if you don’t own one yet…what are you waiting for? Have a ROCKIN’ day, Mama

Today in ROCK history: 1970 – Santana releases “Black Magic Woman”