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Long Live the QUEEN…


I had never heard about the ancient healing art of Tibetan Cranial before last week.  This is a Mind, Body, Spirit approach to healing – or helping many pain issues.  I have found an “Apprentice” in my area who is nearing the end of her training.  I have met with her and had one session, for many people this is all they need to experience results.  In my case, she advises that we do at least 5 consecutive sessions and then see where we are.  This was without any information from me regarding my personal specifics, just knowing that I have pain issues.

The session itself was very relaxing, although the table that is used for treatment was almost unbearable.  It is a solid flat wooden table and with my injuries I had my reservations about laying there for 45 minutes.  The treatment itself started with a gentle placement of her hand placed on each wrist and ankle independently.  Then the fingers were gently placed on the top of my forehead.  She then began using here hands to ever so gently manipulate my head, neck and back.  During this treatment I was to meditate and use a mantra of my choice and she did the same. 

The time went quickly as I got into the repetitive and soothing nature of my mantra.  It wasn’t until the very end when the treatment was over that she covered my eyes and asked my to continue with my mantra that I felt the severe affects of having laid on the table for so long.  She quietly left the room for I’m guessing 10 minutes.  During the treatment I had been able to not focus on the rock hard surface that I was on, now it felt like torture to me.  I was not able to maintain my dormant position and I was unable to focus on my mantra. 

I have tried various applications of treatment from: conventional, chiropractic, acupuncture, and singing bowl sessions…I meditate and use singing bowls regularly.  I have yet to find any real relief from my chronic and severe pain issues. I look forward to trying this TC approach as it is inline with who I am.  I am definitely not looking to cover up my pain issues with prescribed medications, although I am currently doing so on a moderate level.

I look forward to a wonderful experience and have high hopes that this will be a helpful and healing time for me.  If you are interested in this 3000 year old technique I encourage you to look it up.  If you have had any experience with TC, feel free to share your experience with me; I would love to hear about it!

I hope you have a day full of wonder, Mama 

Today in ROCK history: 1981 – While touring South American soccer stadiums, Queen performs in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to the largest crowds of paying fans ever to witness a concert.


Do you Fly?

Our BIG boy…

We all need someone or something that inspires us and lifts us up, the air beneath our wings.  If we could only Fly Like an Eagle, we would feel so free to be who we really are.  Life is like being able to fly, we can soar high with the things that we do and the love that we have for one and other.  Happiness is our wings and love is our wind.  Make sure that you spread your wings everyday, make the most out of this chance we all have, live life to its fullest.

Dance, sing, smile and treat yourself with love and kindness, if we all do that everyday, we will overflow the world with our spirit and make everyday Christmas.  It is so easy to get bogged down in the daily grind, make sure you look at the bright side of every situation, make it a positive in your mind and you will send out positive vibes that will be returned in abundance.

“Don’t worry, be happy” is a great saying, things will always be better for you and your family if you relieve stress and rejoice in all that you have.

So spend some time up in the sky with your wings spread and a song in your heart. Have a ROCKIN’ day, Mama

Today in ROCK history: 1976 – The Steve Miller Band‘s “Fly Like An Eagle” album is in stores.

Walk the walk…


Heather Duale Wightman

I love it when people “walk the walk and talk the talk” in life.  This is a great way to live life, by setting a good example, we let the people around us learn the most valuable lessons.  As Albert Schweitzer said, “Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it is the only thing.”  It is often referred to as “modeling behaviour” and it is powerful!  Thomas Jefferson once pondered, “I have ever deemed it more honorable and more profitable, too, to set a good example than to follow a bad one.”  Words of wisdom…

So in small things and in large, always remember that our actions are observed and become the norm for those who see.  This is most important in two areas of life: parenting and teaching.  If you think about what you do and say, before you do it, that is almost always the better choice.  So often we just react to situations, rather than act.  The difference being, reaction is spontaneous and emotion driven and most times something we regret.  To provide action to a situation, means having given thought to it first and then dealing with the situation. 

Our kids deserve our actions, well thought out and meaningful.  Even in the smallest things we do.  If you think about it, the small things are the things most repetitive in our lives, they add up to become the large things that develop our kids behavior.  So don’t think that just because your tired, or pressed for time, or doing something important, means that you should snap at your kids…after so many snaps they start to think of you as an alligator, something to be wary of!

I tend to say this a lot but I think it should be a part of everyone’s daily routine, like getting dressed or eating, “Think good things, feel good things, say good things…good things will happen.”

Oh, and don’t forget to Walk Like an Egyptian…everyday!

Today in ROCK history: 1986 – Walk Like An Egyptian (The Bangles) was a hit.

What kind of jam do you like, I like Pearl Jam…


Let me start by saying “I LOVE Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder ROCKS.” I did not say in my “CRUSH” blog that I have a crush on Eddie, and that is because it is not a crush. Yes, I do think he is gorgeous, yes I do love PJ’s music…but it is more than that. Eddie writes lyrics that say something, they have meaning and remind me of the Greats from our ROCK past. These songs have a social statement and are not afraid to say the hard message. In this PC society, it is often easier to make music that is safe. Not the case with PJ, they will tackle the hard topics and still make the music that you want to hear. I have seen PJ every time they have come to the Denver area! Some of my best concert memories are of the time before, during, and after Pearl Jam concerts.

Often music is homogenized and made for the masses, it is brave to make your own music regardless of if it will be well received. I truly believe in marching to one’s own drum, being “normal” sucks, be who you truly are and you will be happier than if you are trying to fit in. If you live your life in a way that you are happy and satisfied, you will find that your love for life will spread to those around you, and so on. What better gift than sharing happiness and love. Always remember to smile, breathe deeply, and share the secret to being happy with everyone. If you live your life simply being happy with the things in life that are the most meaningful…and I don’t mean material things, the truest treasures in life are family, friends, love and make sure at the top of this list is yourself. Be kind to yourself, by making yourself happy, you will have the key to life.

Sure, there are obstacles, there are times when we stumble, there are things that try to bring us down…but always remember that this time we have is not infinite, make the most of the time you have. Spend every moment living life, experiencing all life has to offer. Sing the song of your life boldly, make the lyrics have meaning, say something important and you will find that you have spent your time well. Have a ROCKIN’ day, Mama

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Today in ROCK history: 1992 – Pearl Jam’s classic album “Ten,” containing “Jeremy,” passes the 6 million sales mark.

Under Pressure


Everybody deals with life’s ups and downs in their own unique way. Keep in mind that music soothes the savage beast… When things are not going just right – or when everything is completely falling apart, turn on some good tunes and feel the rhythm, let it soothe your soul and calm your mind. No matter what type of music you like, no matter what the world throws your way, do yourself a favor and find a way to get out from being UNDER PRESSURE. There is nothing like great music, or your favorite book, or doing some yoga, or taking a walk on a beautiful day – or whatever turns your crank, to change your mood. We choose our path, and our path can be beautiful, what path will you choose today?

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Today in ROCK history: 1981 – The David Bowie/Queen song “Under Pressure” tops the UK charts laying the groundwork for Vanilla Ice’s one shot at fame.

Seasonal Stress


With the holidays fast approaching, we all need to take some time to slow down and relax. Don’t rush through the holidays being stressed and not enjoying the time. Remember to take some time for yourself during this busy season. Deep breathing is a great way to de-stress and feel better. 10 slow deep breaths through your nose will make a huge difference. Be in the moment and enjoy all the food, family and fun. As we get older we realize how fast time flies, so just go with the flow,  enjoy things in moderation, and treasure this time with family and friends. Use mind over matter when you are in a TRAFFIC jam, or at a long line for check out. Think good things, feel good things, say good things…good things will happen. Be the change that you wish would happen, it will pay off!

Today in ROCK history: 1971 – Traffic hits #26 in the US with ‘Welcome to the Canteen’.

Bad Days


I know that some days are harder than others, but things can and will get better. Some people lose sight of this. Remember, if you need help, ask for it! Be strong.

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Today in ROCK history: 1974 – Jethro Tull hits #2 in the US with ‘War Child’